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MySQL NDB Cluster Backup & Restore In An Easy Way

In this post, we will see, how easily user can take NDB Cluster backup and then restore it. NDB cluster supports online backups, which are taken while transactions are modifying the data being backed up. In NDB Cluster, each backup captures all of the table content stored in the cluster. User can take backup in the following states: When the cluster is live and fully operational When the cluster is live, but in a degraded state: Some data nodes are down Some data nodes are restarting During read and write transactions Users can restore backups in the following cluster environments: Restore to the same physical cluster Restore into a different physical cluster Restore into a different configuration cluster i.e. backup taken from a 4 nodes cluster and restore into 8 data nodes cluster Restore into a different cluster version Backups can be restored flexibly: Restore can be run locally or remotely w.r.t the data nodes Restore can be run in parallel across data nodes Can restore a partial